My final project is going to be a clock where each unit of time controls a different aspect of the picture.

My piece is called ‘Fire and Rain’ due to the color of the particles and the properties of their motion.



particle system without mouse pressed.

I did not give myself enough time this week to complete the game I designed with classes. Below is the same game with more functionality, that I made last week without classes.

The game has 4 classes: Tank(), Obsticle(), Terrain(), and Projectile().

Tank: Has x, y, turret angle, and color

Obsticle: x, y, size, speed

Terrain: none

Projectile: x, y

Reference Art:


Art Inspiration:

Work 1
Work 2 (Rotation Added)
Work 3 (Color Added and Iterator Increased)

I like Tim’s use of offset concentric circles here:

I based my work off of this principle. I made use of a if/else statement that determined whether the iterator is odd or even and then changes the fill of the circles to black/white or red/blue.

Other work using functions:

PinWheel Flower
Rotating Lines
Block Game

Four Components:

Braden Campbell

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